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I’ve been in real estate for only 6 months. But I have been fortunate enough to witness a real estate agent technology revolution.

The revolution where ordinary agents like myself are finally getting access to the online marketing tools which were previously available only to the elite brokers.

I want to share my journey so far to show how I built my brand with social media and online marketing all while saving $1500/mo on expenses.


I had a profile page on my broker website, but there was no way to customize it. Also, I wanted to have my personal website for autonomy in case I ever changed brokerages later in my career. So I started to search for someone who would create…

Dear Agent,

The real estate industry has undergone DRAMATIC shifts over the past few years.

The technology was always driving the change, but when COVID struck it has truly catalyzed the transition into the “new normal” of real estate.

Today, unicorns such as Zillow are changing the game creating online tools for buying, selling, and renting homes. These tech companies are a wake-up call for real estate agents to reinvent or die.

Both brokers and agents need to recognize that every real estate transaction will ultimately begin and end online.

However, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is happening in the middle.

The real estate industry is undergoing a dramatic digital transformation which has been further catalyzed by the pandemic.

Here, we break down 5 of the most effective tech-driven strategies you can adopt with DSCRIBE to set yourself apart and propel your business forward, and future-proof it for good.

DSCRIBE is the easiest-to-use real estate marketing automation tool for agents driven by artificial intelligence.

1. Win listings on the spot

It is now more challenging than ever to win listings due to low housing inventory. You should use every opportunity to build trust and impress sellers with your proactive and tech-savvy approach.

Use DSCRIBE during your pre-listing…


The easiest-to-use real estate marketing automation tool for agents.

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